Are You Preparing Your Weight Losing Plans

At the start of the year lots of us will have made a New Year’s resolution to drop some weight loss. In fact in many cases it will be a little like “Groundhog Day” – another year another diet.

The truth is having a weight loss goal is fine but the steps that you will take to achieve it are far more important. I recommend that you plan the actions you will take and write them down – plan for success.

Now what sort of things need to be in your plan – well the following list will give you some clues:

1. A balanced meal schedule

It is important that if possible that you eat at the same times in the day and never skip any meals. Sustained weight loss will not be achieved by starving yourself.

2. A medically sound exercise program.

Discuss with your medical team a sensible exercise routine if you don’t have one already. This advice is key, you do not want to damage your health only improve it.

3. A social diary that reduces the amount of alcohol you drink

If you always drink alcohol when you go to the bar – then go less often. Alcohol increases weight and often breaks your will power leading to snacking. Sorry but you really do need to cut down!

4. Regular Motivational Support

It is tough to commit to a weight loss programme so get your partner or a good friend to be your biggest supporter. Sit them down and tell them your target weight and explain to them the program you will follow. Explain their role which has always to be one of positive support – no matter how well, or badly, you are sticking to your plan.

Now and only now are you ready to start addressing that excess weight. So start when your plan is in place and you are receiving the encouragement that you need for success.

Follow the plan and take the opportunity next New Year to set another set of resolutions!