Hip exercises for a great butt

There are many people who have adapted their lifestyle in such a way that they have neglected exercise completely. Thus it is more liable to different diseases that before could not be attached to them. Exercises are perfect for feeling strong, fit and active in the daily life.

Why Do Hip exercises:

Hips are the most important part of your body. But are least used by those people who are adapted to sit in their office chairs.  If these are not exercised it can lead to losing hip flexors that can cause you trouble while running or plopping down while playing with your kids.

Plie squat:

This is the type of squat that if you perform it in a consistent manner with the right technique will not only give the strength you always needed but also the flexibility and mobility required during jogging or sprinting.

How to:

  • Stand tall, spread your legs wider than your shoulder and point out your toes at 45o
  • Keep your back as straight as possible and transfer your weight in the heels of the feet
  • Keep your hands and arms under your chin and bend your knees, go down engage your thighs and glutes while going down
  • And then go back to the original position
  • Repeat 10 times in a set of 2

Lateral step out squat:

This also involves a squat position. It is far more effective, as it puts far more pressure on your butt and thighs. As you get to know the technique and start doing it properly put some of the ankle bands in order to increase the weight and imparting the extra pressure

How to:

  • Stand tall with legs spread wide having toes on 450
  • Make sure that the knees are placed in front of the toes
  • Get lower down just as we do in the squat
  • And while you are holding the squat position take two steps towards the right direction
  • And then after getting back to the same position, get up
  • After this again get down and while holding the position take two steps towards the left and then come back to the original position.


Plank Leg left:

The other type of exercise that has proven to be the most beneficial among various hip exercises is the plank leg left.  This move is very difficult to perfect as it has minute details that can be some time could be muddled horribly. If you do this move absolutely right it’s guaranteed that your but will be perfectly tuned.

How to:

  • First of all get into the plank position, the hands are planted in such a way that they are under your shoulders and you are on your toes and while doing this make sure that your butt is down.
  • Then lift your right leg and move it in the right direction away from your body and then bring it back to its original position
  • After this lift your left leg and take it in the left direction away from your body and then bring it to its original position.

Standing kick:

It is a very simple exercise that targets your quadriceps, butt, glutes and inner thighs.

How to :

  • Stand straight having your hands on the hips, keep the toes straight and knees in the straight direction
  • In this same position lift your right leg at a very slow speed and extend it to the side at the height of the hip
  • Then repeat this same procedure with your left leg and at the hip height and then bring back your leg at the same position.
  • While extending the leg at the side, make sure that you keep the leg up high for about 4- 5 seconds and then bring back
  • Do this for 30 repetitions for both legs.

Single Hip –Lift:

This exercise is the best if you want your butt to look bigger. This exercise also exerts pressure on your lower back, which has the ability to make the muscles around the lower spine region hardier`.

How to:

  • Lie down on the floor in such a way that your legs are bent.
  • Then lift your right leg in the bent position, while lifting the leg lift your back at the same time and for about 3-5 seconds go back to the original position.
  • Now do the same procedure for your left leg
  • While lifting the leg make sure that your left foot’s heel is only touching the ground.

Lying leg lift:

It is the last move in this dynamic exercise regime for your butt and thighs. This exercise is more specialized for the glutes and if used regularly can give considerable effects.

How to:

  • First of all lie down flat in such a way that your head is facing in the direction of the earth.
  • Keep your forehead on your hands
  • Now lift your left leg first and crush your glute and extend it above the ground as high as could can.
  • Make sure while doing this your leg is straight
  • When reaching the peak point, pause there for few seconds as long as you can and then bring it back

Repeat this procedure for 10 times in 3 sets