Lose Weight – Thighs Squats For Weight Loss

One of the biggest mistakes that most people that want to weight loss make is not getting enough exercise, and that is too bad because that is where the calorie burning and fat lose can be accelerated. This way your goals will be met much faster, and as your goals of weight lose become clearer, you will become more motivated to continue to keep on the pace that you are on. I recommend one exercise over all others, which are the squats. The best part is you do not need to have any expensive gym memberships, or space consuming equipment. In fact, you will only need a few square feet around you on the floor.

Why squats?

Squats are known throughout the power-lifting world as the king of power lifting movements, and for good reason. The squat requires that almost all of the muscles in the body be used as either stabilizer, or mover muscles, and because of the amount of muscle that are recruited for this movement, you will burn more calories than with any other exercise.

Always use proper form

The most important tip when performing squats is to remember to keep proper form. Stand with your feet at shoulder width, while keeping your back straight. Then slowly use a sitting down motion until your legs are parallel with the floor. Then slowly stand back up. Congratulations, you just did one rep! Now, in order to get the most benefits out of this exercise you will move slowly counting until four each way, as this will cause the muscle to work much harder.

This simple weight loss  exercise can be done almost anywhere you have a spare few minutes, and a little bit of floor space. Between squats and your dieting, there is not going to be anything to stop you from reaching your weight lose goals.