Lose Weight With Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement shakes are substitutes for a solid meal and often used for weight loss by reducing calorie intake. These shakes are low-fat meals containing very high amounts of protein and very low amount of carbohydrates.

Meal replacement shakes are very low in calories ranging from 200 to 400 calories per serving and even less. Also, they supply adequate amounts of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients required by the body. Low fat and high protein in these shakes helps to burn excess fats stored in the body resulting in weight loss.

Simple Steps to Lose Weight

1. If you really want fast healthy weight lose. Eat 3-4 small meals per day.

2. Replace two of those meals with meal replacement shakes.

3. Create smoothies with your shakes with fruits and vegetables.

4. Eat sensible high fiber meals.

Meal Replacement Shakes Options

Healthy snacking – a balanced diet is very important. Shakes are a healthy snacking option and help you lose weight effectively. Also, combining raw vegetables and fruits to your shakes can aid in your weight loss. It prevents unhealthy snacking, craving for food, and overeating as well.

Meal options – Consume at least one meal a day to balance the nutritional value and curb hunger pangs. Exchange them for the meal containing most amounts of calories. For instance, if regular lunch includes burger and a soft drink or dinner includes pasta then replace it with these shakes to reduce the calorie intake. Similarly, if snacking means a muffin or donuts, then meal replacement shake are better options for snacking. Be careful to avoid overeating.

Fruits and vegetables – Consume fruits high in fiber like apples, pears and raw vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, beet or carrots to curb the temptation of eating food high in fat. Also you can eat a lot more fruits and vegetables because they are lower in calories.

As mentioned earlier, you can combine fruits and vegetables in your meal replacement shakes. Just get a blender and make a smoothie with your favorite fruits and vegetables. You will feel fuller.

Break the monotony – Consuming the shakes for all the meals can be very boring. It is the most difficult part of losing weight and makes it difficult to stay motivated to lose weight. Use two different flavors to break the monotony. It helps keeping the motivation level up to lose weight effectively.

Calorie count – You should not have to worry about calories. Each shake should be enough to give you at least half of your daily nutrition requirements and hold you over until your next shake or complete meal. Simply replacing two meals can cut your daily caloric intake and help you lose weight faster.

Use Meal Replacement Shakes After You Exercise

Exercise – Moderate exercising aids the weight loss process by burning accumulated fats in the body. Exercise regularly for effective weight loss. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises can help you burn the most calories. Also consider training that uses your own body weight like Zumba, MMA, Boxing, or a boot camp.

Drinking a meal replacement shake about an hour after you finish your workout can help you replenish your nutrients and gives your muscle the protein it needs for recovery. It also keeps you from over eating.

Meal replacement shakes are very effective in weight loss. By substituting one or two meals a day you will succeed in your goal of losing weight. Also, you will get the balance nutrition your body needs. You can’t go wrong with meal replacement shakes.

Charles Fitzgerald Butler, is a real estate professional and marketing entrepreneur who struggled with being overweight most of his life. He was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes when he turned 30 years old. During the last several years Charles has managed to lose weight and put his diabetes in remission.