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A beginner 7 day diet plan

There are some marvelous tips and exercises in the world that can transform your neck, belly, arms, chest, and legs Fat, by the way, belly fat is the worst of them all. Many practitioners have recommended different possible steps/ways cope up with this universal issue, most of them say that fat can only be controlled and demolished through proper diet plan, some of them prefer to exercise, some of them prefer drinks and some relate to medical treatments. Through this topic of losing fat, we will try to understand most important and widely used ways to get your body to its original position. Garlic is the most and viable used commodity to overcome the fat body issue. Choosing a natural commodity has been always a good option especially removing extra fats from your body. To deal with fats just in 7 days you should take 4 to 5 garlic cloves in a day with hot lemon water. This process shall be continued till 7th day and you could feel free of fat, and not only it removes extra fats but also helpful preventing diabetes, increase the efficiency of the immune system and deal with unhealthy fats from the body.

  • Proper diet:

Start eating proper food and drinks can lead to weight loss and ultimately you gain the edge of losing fats. So, all you have do is to exclude those items from your diet that could add more calories or fats, through this way you can get more weight loss and remove unnecessary fats that could be a reason of your basic diseases. And lastly especially eat natural foods (i.e. plant based diet) as it always provides right thing you need excluding fats. Furthermore, here are some steps to remove fats in just 7 days. These steps are the stepping stones to which the detailed dieting plan described in the book that moves around over making your fit and shedding your extra pounds available here https://fitbeautysalon.com/product/weight-loss/

Day one:

Just by starting to lose fats demands motivation and determination if you have it just for 7 days then let’s start the process, the first day you should eat just the fruits. It is not necessary that you should eat specific fruits but you can choose related to your choice and preference. On day one you should not take banana, as it is little heavier than others. On day one important fruits to eat are watermelon and cantaloupe. Again, refereeing it everywhere the water, it the most successful drink to decrease fats so first day you should drink at least 10 to 15 glasses of water. Precautions at day one are simple that you do not at any other food that could disturb the process of fat loss. Even if you feel hungry try to eat more and more fruits and drink more water.

Day two:

If day one has given a chance to binge your demanding fruits, then day two will also give you to eat vegetables in the whole day. You can take your favorite vegetables according to your need of the day. After taking vegetables you have two options either to eat them without cooking or boil or cook them. But the important thing to understand here is to not add any other thing like oil. Eating boiled vegetables is a good option. If you choose potatoes then try them in the morning because they help to remove calories in the early day. Here are some useful vegetables that can be consumed in day two, beans, carrot, broccoli, ridge gourd, cabbage etc.

Day three:

At day three of your fat loss plan will give you access to consider more vegetables and fruits for the whole day. But make sure that you do not choose bananas even at day three, try some previously used vegetables and fruits. The Mistry behind using both at day three is related to your disposal system that works quickly by eating mixed vegetables and fruits. And again, try to consume more water.

Day four:

On day four you are more excited for losing fats or weight. Day four is filled with milk and banana. All you should do is to just eat at least 8 bananas in a whole day and at least 4 glass of milk. The best way is to make a shake off both and drink with an hourly schedule. You may be worried as this diet gives you more fats as you feel hungrier and eat other things but here controlling yourself is important. Eating some bananas in the morning and then having milk will be a great idea. There would not be a hunger issue if you follow the instructions f day four and make schedule properly.

Day five:

Day five is like a feast. It includes the less food as it takes to remove more fats then other days. The process is you can eat the small quantity of rice and eat tomatoes whole day. Four days produce uric acid in your body so, you must use more water than previous days. At least drink 13 to 15 glass of water on the fifth day

Day six:

Day six is like day five as it has less quantity of food. Again, you can take the small quantity of rice and vegetables. But water is very important you must drink water on the regular basis. At this day, you will automatically feel that you have been losing fats and that will be the main reason to carry out the process because results are the reason for motivation. By losing fats you will also feel that your digestive system is changed, it works well because of your diet

Day seven:

the final day of your diet process, it is the day when you feel the difference between having and not having fats from the body. On day seven you can have rice and all type of vegetables and fruits of your own choice. This day is the best day as you have more choices to choose, among fruits and vegetables. You do not have done any extraordinary step but just adjust your diet plan.so, hence losing fats in just 7 days is possible but you have to follow the process including little shuffle in the diet.

Weight loss foods

10 weight loss foods

To be healthy we must eat according to our capacity or our body needs. But when we do not follow instructions we fail to protect our body from fats. So, to be healthy, we should eat less then what our hunger is. There are many exercises or methods that lead us to relieved from weight loss but they may cause reactions or other problems that we may not think of. So, weight loss through proper diet plan or you can say through foods is a good option, let’s see what most important foods come under weight loss definition.

  1. Eggs:

When you be afraid of having high cholesterol, eggs help you to decrease your fear. Recent researches show that eating eggs could have high impact in reducing your weight loss. Eating eggs especially in breakfast could add more to weight loss. Eggs have high protein have healthy fats and make you feel with very less number of calories.

  1. Fruit:

Though different fruits have the different impact on your body, but most of them are useful in weight loss, especially those who have high calories and water. People who eat fruits regularly are healthier than others. Not even for weight loss but also for your skin, for your stomach. Some fruits need more energy to chew and to digest so they require energy to be consumed in your body and help to reduce weight.

  1. Grapefruit:

Grapefruit is studied by many researchers and they all shown the results of their studies in the favor of weight loss. Grapefruit gives exceptional results to your body for weight loss. The acid in grapefruit help to respond your body to ultimately reduce weight loss. Grapefruit also helps to reduce insulin resistance. So, when you eat even a half grape fruit before eating your meal daily you feel healthier as it helps to reduce fats in your body.

  1. Chili Pepper:

Eating chili pepper can also help to reduce your weight gradually. Chili pepper contains capsaicin, which ultimately helps to burn and reduce fats in your body. Chili pepper is also sold in as the supplement in many weight loss commercials. Recent researches show that 1 to 2 gram of chili pepper can help to decrease appetite and burn your body fats. Chili pepper is very famous in burning your fats and getting a body to normal condition but when you eat it regularly it may have less effect on weight loss but if you eat it irregularly it has some good results.

  1. Nuts:

Many reviews have shown that individuals that do trust nuts convey high fats and high calories with them however that not influence to weight reduction but rather decreases weight in your body. Nuts convey high vitality in little sizes. Nuts contain adjusted protein, strands and fats that are sound for your body. Examines demonstrated the outcomes that eating nuts can enhance your general body wellbeing. Individuals who eat nuts not same kind but rather every sort of nuts they are heathier then others.

  1. Soup:

The soup contains water, vegetables and so on bubbled vegetables that are a piece of soup and off-kilter water all are imperative fixings in weight reduction abstain from food. Soup uniquely in winter diminishes weight as it consumes and includes calories. The soup contains distinctive sort of vegetables and eggs that are useful in diminishing weight.

  1. Potatoes:

potatoes are critical in weight reduction. Potatoes contain colossal measure of supplements. They contain a considerable measure of potassium that is not in each natural product or vegetable and these are additionally useful in controlling circulatory strain. Examines demonstrates that when we think about among potatoes just the white potatoes get more consideration since they contain the high measure of vitality in the lesser amount. On the off chance that you bubble potatoes and remain them frosty for some time then eat them, then they are more beneficial including weight reduction as then they contain safe starch.

  1. Salmon:

Albeit each fish contains a low-fat meat yet Salmon fish is at the top in lessening weight. Salmon fish is sleek and solid. It is additionally fulfilling and keep you brimming with fewer calories. Salmon is stacked with fantastic protein, solid fats and furthermore, contains a wide range of imperative supplements. Fish have a high measure of iodine in it, as this supplement is necessary for weight reduction. In entire world individuals, typically don’t have entry to iodine in result they put on more weight. In the rundown of legitimate eating regimen specialists prescribe you eat iodine to salt. Mackerel, trout and herring and other related fish are exceptionally helpful in weight reduction.

  1. Leafy Greens:

These incorporate spinach, kale, collards and so on they have been ended up being the best for weight reduction. Verdant greens contain fewer calories, starches and have a higher measure of fiber. That is the reason they are most esteem capable in decreasing weight. They contain low calories and when you consistently eat them you do not have to eat more calories that at last help you to diminish weight. They likewise contain a great number of vitamins and minerals that could help your body.

  1. Beans:

Beans are very vital in diminishing weight, particularly dark beans and kidney beans and others. Beans nourishments contains abnormal state of fiber and protein in them. What’s more, these two supplements are essential in weight reduction. On the off chance that you eat bubbled beans that could more include impact into weight reduction.


The food componenets that you must have in a toned body diet

If you are after a full-fledged toned body you must have a fully planned diet. You will have a toned up muscle only when your muscle has a low level of body fat, only then you will have a much leaner and definite slimmer look. Along with a carefully planned diet exercise is also important in order to have a stabilized muscle mass.

Below are described some of the most important components of a toned body diet that must be present in our daily meals.

Pick Up the Protein

Having an eating routine high in protein will help you hold bulk while you’re losing fat. A study displayed in 2011 found that subjects who ate high-protein diets, including an expanded dairy consumption, lost more weight and assembled more fit bulk than those on a satisfactory protein, and those on a sufficient protein, low-dairy eat less. Incorporate high-protein nourishments from many various sources, for example, white meat, lean red meat, beans, low-fat dairy items and fish.

Keep in mind the Carbs

Lessening your sugar intake can be a valuable approach to lower calories without lowering protein utilization, yet carbohydrates help to save bulk. Carbohydrates have a muscle-saving impact, as they’re utilized for vitality, which implies protein can be utilized by the muscles instead of being signed off. Stick to for the most part entire grain carbs, for example, darker rice, entire wheat bread and entire grain oats, and in addition leafy foods, for your carbs

Foods to cut

While it’s frequently hard to remove junk foods, doing as such makes it less demanding for ladies to consume fat and get conditioned. When attempting to lose undesirable muscle to fat quotients, supplant sugary beverages with water and cut off – or cut out totally – other included sugars, desserts, sugary gums, treat, fricasseed sustenances, heated merchandise, high-fat meats, high-fat dairy nourishments and refined grains, for example, white bread, white rice and standard pasta.

Nutrients to Focus

Apart from the Essential carbohydrates and proteins, there are some of the vitamins that play a pivotal role in giving you toned body. So in your toned body diet, these nutrients must be given an extreme importance.

Vitamin C

Adding some color to your plate may help you add some power and strength to your arms. Vitamin C—found in about each and every fruit and vegetable.It makes sure the wellbeing of your blood vessels, which bolster the muscles’ requirements for oxygen and supplements. What’s more, the better supplied your muscles are, the better they can work and the snappier they recuperate.Vitamin C is a building piece of collagen, a material that your body then uses to construct bones and muscles.

How much? The National Institutes of Health suggests 75 mg day by day, which you can get from a medium orange, a large portion of a red chime pepper, or a measure of strawberries.

B vitamins:

This pack incorporates B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6 (pyridoxine), B7 (biotin), and B12 (cobalamin), every fundamental for general wellbeing, however, turn out to be considerably more critical when you’re effectively attempting to develop muscle and get more grounded, Cuomo says, as Bs assume a part in everything from protein digestion and vitality generation to keeping up solid nerves and separating fat and carbs.

How much? A great many people devour sufficient measures of the Bs through their weight control plans, as these vitamins are found in nourishments, for example, entire grains, eggs, lean meats, vegetables, nuts, verdant greens, and braced oats. In any case, B12 is just found in animal sources, veggie lovers might need to consider taking a supplement or utilizing sustained sustenances and beverages to acquire 2.6 micrograms (mcg) every day.

Vitamin D:

It appears that everybody is advertising the forces of the “daylight” vitamin. Its rundown of potential forces incorporates boosting disposition, resistance, and muscle. “Vitamin D is required for solid compression, capacity, and development,” Cuomo says. It’s additionally fundamental for bone development and quality, and since skeletal muscles require a solid base to work off of, you can’t disregard your D.

How much? Preferably you’d get satisfactory D through sun introduction, however, then you’d need to stress over skin malignancy. Take a supplement of 4,000 to 6,000 universal units (IU) of D3 consistently rather, Cuomo prescribes, and on the off chance that you are concerned, see your specialist

Fish Oil:

With the capacity to improve the impacts of weight preparing by expanding blood stream to the muscles, lessening muscle protein breakdown, and diminishing irritation for quicker recuperation, Cuomo says we ought to consider omega 3s—the unsaturated fats found in fish oil—as a mystery weapon for conditioning up. It doesn’t hurt that omega-3 unsaturated fats additionally enhance insulin affectability, which anticipates diabetes.

How much? The American Heart Association prescribes eating two 3.5-ounce servings of greasy fish, (for example, salmon, mackerel, herring, lake trout, sardines, or tuna fish) every week. On the off chance that fish make you choke, consider a 1,000-to 3,000-milligram (mg) supplement of DHA and EPA a day by day. Veggie lovers and vegetarians can discover omega-3s in flax seed, chia seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, and green growth based supplements

If you have these items in your toned body diet, then it will help you get toned and lose fat, but remember this should be used as an example of how you structure your meals. We all have different bodies, it’s important to listen to it.
Now you know that what items you have to incorporate into your diet, here are some of the important points that you have to keep in your mind while following it.

  • Nutrition is critical to acquire the body you need!
  • Change your day by day calorie admission as per your wellness objectives.
  • Watch your macronutrient proportion and tune into your body.
  • Calories are calories. Think less about whether it is sound or not and hit your macronutrients.
  • Indeed, eating sound is useful for your body, however, in the event that you’re on a modest eating regimen, you can’t generally go solid.
  • Take time to set up your dinner arrange as indicated by your calendar.

Top 10 Anti-Ageing Foods for Younger-Looking Skin

For many of us, we try our hardest to hold on to our youth. We buy the latest creams, lotions, and serums in order to maintain that youthful glow. We go on very expensive facials and surgeries to try and stop time. We spend a lot of money just trying to look younger.

But the bad thing about these medical procedures is that over time, it takes its toll, and the signs will show on our skin. Eventually, our faces won’t look like our own anymore. They won’t look natural. They will look like fake copycat wanna-bes of our former selves. And that’s not good.

And the worst thing that could happen is if something goes wrong during the surgery, and we end up looking even worse than we did before (think Donatella Versace and Jocelyn Wildenstein, also known as the cat woman). Overdrawn lips, faces that won’t move, weird-looking eyes, the same facial expression forever.  

The best way to possess youthful-looking skin is the natural way. What’s the natural way, you ask? By using what nature provides us. Lucky for us, there’s plenty of foods available that can help with the age dilemma. JUst make sure to incorporate any of these superfoods into your diet, and you’ll get healthier and younger-looking skin in no time.


Berries in rich colors—like purple, black, and red—contain the highest level of antioxidants. These fight off free radicals from aging the human skin. Berries also possess antibacterial properties, which help prevent pimples. Goji berry specifically contains 400 times more vitamin C than an orange. This ensures glowing and super moisturized skin. Also, berries have compounds that help keep skin cells from aging and fight off inflammation. Inflammation is known as one of the major causes of skin ageing and wrinkles.

Leafy Greens

When you eat leafy green vegetables, you are doing plenty to help your skin. First, they’re known to have plenty of magnesium, which helps make sure your cells stay healthy and not age prematurely. Antioxidants and vitamins C and E prevent premature skin ageing. In addition, these vegetables have high water and nutrient content, and they also promote proper functioning of your body’s natural detoxification systems. The more toxins you flush out, the brighter and clearer your skin will be. The best greens to add to your diet are spinach, kale, dandelion greens, watercress, chard, mustard greens, collard greens, and lettuce.


Using oats or oatmeal for your skin can be done in plenty of ways. You can use them topically, as face masks. You can also add them into your daily diets. What’s great about oats is they’re suitable for all kinds of skin types, even those with sensitive skin. They can soothe irritation and treat inflammation, perfect for soothing eczema and psoriasis. In addition, they also give cleaner and clearer skin as oats contain saponins, which are cleansing agents. They also have proteins and lipids, which make it a great moisturizer. And finally, oats are also known to remove dead skin cells and prevent oily skin.


Here’s another food that can be used topically and taken internally. This fruit is rich in healthy fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can improve your skin from within. Avocados have a high antioxidant content, which protect the skin from environmental damage that leads to wrinkles, fine lines, and other visible signs of aging. Carotenoids also improve the skin’s thickness, tone, density, and general appearance. Vitamin C helps the production of collagen and elastin, which help maintain the skin’s structure and firmness. Also, their high oleic acid content maintains moisture in the skin, regenerates damaged skin cells, and reduces facial redness and irritation.


We all know that oranges are one of the fruits with the highest levels of vitamin C. And this vitamin can do a lot of things for the skin. It banishes dark spots and blemishes, deflects harmful UV rays from attacking skin cells, treats acne, whitens the skin, removes blackheads, removes dead skin cells and dirt, and rejuvenates dull skin. Oranges also restore collagen, thus providing you with firmer skin and preventing premature ageing.



The vitamin C and citric acid content of lemons help brighten and lighten the skin. Vitamin C also neutralizes free radicals that do much harm to the skin, and it also boosts collagen production, which helps in maintaining skin’s elasticity and smoothing out the fine lines on the face. Lemons also clear and brighten the skin, and eliminate excess oil from the face. If you consume food with vitamin C, over time, your skin will get that youthful and healthy glow.


Now who knew eating nuts could lead to smooth, supple, and younger-looking skin? Nuts are known to treat skin disorders, like eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Nuts are also help in eliminating toxins, which lessen the likelihood of breakouts, excess oil, and skin dullness. They also promote better blood flow to the skin, resulting in a youthful and radiant look. In addition, they heal broken capillaries for clearer skin, prevent collagen breakdown, and renew infected or damaged acne zones. Go ahead and stock up on these healthy munchables!


Peppers, most especially the red and yellow varieties, are super useful for the skin. They have detoxifying properties, which help eliminate harmful toxins from the body faster. They contain compounds that fight against oxidative damage, and these compounds also protect the skin from free radicals that cause much harm. They also protect against sun damage and can even prevent skin cancer.  

Fatty Fish

These are fish loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help soothe inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, and dry flaky skin. If you lack omega-3 fatty acids in your system, you will eventually develop dry, itchy, and inflamed skin. This then will lead to  skin infections, which will take longer to heal. To avoid this, try to eat salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines, herring, and trout at least 2 to 3 times a week.


Yogurt possesses lactic acid, which dissolves dead skin cells. It helps create a natural glow on your face, prevents breakouts, and lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also retain moisture, prevent premature ageing, relieve sunburn, reduce discoloration, and combat acne. Its zinc content reduces red swellings, tightens skin tissues, helps in healthy cell production and tissue growth, and prevents oily skin.


I’m pretty sure plenty of you are surprised and even a little skeptical about oysters making it to this list. Come on, oysters? For beautiful skin? Surprisingly, yes! Oysters are the world’s richest source of zinc, and zinc, my friends, is the most effective mineral in clearing acne. Oysters also help with skin’s elasticity, fighting against sagging skin.  

Author Bio:


Kate B. Forsyth is a writer for Be Healthy Today, who specializes in health and nutrition. Her passion is to help people get an overall transformation of health that lasts a lifetime. In her blog posts, she goes beyond research by providing health-concerned citizens doable and simple tricks to achieve a healthier lifestyle.


weight loss foods

10 Natural foods that induce weight loss

One might say that by regular exercise you can shed your extra pounds in a matter of days. This statement is total garbage. As you only can fool yourself by doing this because your weight will not cut off at all, instead you will be wasting your time.  When you are exercising regularly, you are building your muscles and improving their shape.

You don’t have to indulge yourself in such exercises as they are a waste of your time but also will not yield any result. There is a way out to lose pounds by just eating specific foods. The science behind this method is that not all the calories you intake are similar. As they pass through various metabolic pathways. So that’s why they differently effect on your hormones, hunger and the number of calories burnt. That’s Why many scientists have shown through their researches that by eating the right kind of food you can actually see the weight loss results.

It is a natural phenomenon, that the people who are after losing weight usually cut off their diet but keep on thinking about the food that they could eat.  But the method that this article show is that you could eat more and still cut your extra pounds. You can do this just by eating 10 weight loss foods that are complexly natural and the healthiest thing that you will ever have in your diet plan.

  1. Whole Egg:

Once dreaded for being high in cholesterol, entire eggs have been making a rebound. New studies demonstrate that they don’t antagonistically influence blood cholesterol and don’t bring about heart assaults. Additionally… they are among the best nourishments you can eat on the off chance that you have to get in shape. They’re high in protein, sound fats, and can make you feel full with a low measure of calories.

One investigation of 30 overweight ladies demonstrated that having eggs for breakfast, rather than bagels, expanded satiety and made them eat less for the following 36 hours. An additional 8-week research found that eggs for breakfast expanded weight reduction on a calorie limited eating regimen contrasted with bagels. Eggs are additionally inconceivably supplementing thick and can help you get every one of the supplements you require on a calorie limited eating routine. All the supplements are found in the yolks

2. Apples:

For an insignificant 95 calories, a medium apple contains 4 grams of fiber. Also, late research, distributed in the Journal of Nutrition, recommends that boosting your fiber admission may help you to anticipate weight pick up—or even empower weight reduction

  1. Avocado:

There are many fruits that are loaded with high carbohydrates but avocados are stacked with healthy fats. They are especially high in monounsaturated oleic corrosive, a similar kind of fat found in olive oil. Regardless of being generally fat, they likewise contain a great deal of water, so they aren’t as vitality thick as you may think. Avocados are immaculate as augmentations to serving of mixed greens, since studies demonstrate that the fats in them can build the supplement take-up from the vegetables 2.6 to 15-crease. They additionally contain numerous imperative supplements, including fiber and potassium.

  1. Leafy Greens:

Kale, spinach, collards, swiss chards are included in the leafy greens category. They have a few properties that make them ideal for a weight reduction eat fewer carbohydrates. They are low in both calories and starches, yet stacked with fiber.

Eating leafy greens is an incredible approach to expanding the volume of your suppers, without expanding the calories. Various reviews demonstrate that suppers and eating regimens with a low vitality thickness make individuals eat fewer calories in general.

Leafy greens are additionally amazingly nutritious and high in a wide range of vitamins, minerals and cell reinforcements. This incorporates calcium, which has been appeared to help fat consuming in a few reviews

  1. Grape Fruits:

One amazing fruit that should be highlighted is grapefruit since its consequences for weight control have been examined straightforwardly. In an investigation of 91 hefty people, eating a large portion of a crisp grapefruit before suppers brought on weight reduction of 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg) over a time of 12 weeks.

The grapefruit bunch likewise had diminishments in insulin resistance, a metabolic variation from the norm that is involved in different constant sicknesses. So eating a large portion of a grapefruit about a half hour before some of your days by day dinners may help you feel more satisfied and eat less general calories

  1. Oatmeal:

Having a breakfast made with “moderate discharge” starches, for example, oats or grain oat, three hours before you exercise may help you copy more fat, recommends a current review in the Journal of Nutrition. Here’s the reason: in the review, eating “moderate discharge” starches didn’t spike glucose as high as eating refined sugars, for example, white toast. Due to this, insulin levels didn’t spike` your blood sugar as high as consuming refined carbs like a bread with butter.

  1. Lettuce:

With a simple 60–70 calories for each pound, lettuce is high on the rundown of eating regimen cordial nourishments. Romaine lettuce alone is an awesome wellspring of B vitamins, folic corrosive, and manganese, which directs glucose and is basic for legitimate invulnerable framework work. Pick other dull green or purple assortments, for example, green or red leaf for the most supplements, and prepare with a fiery natively constructed vinaigrette, or use in this healthy lettuce plate of mixed greens.

  1. Potatoes:

They might be brimming with carbs, yet potatoes aren’t any kind of hurdle in towards losing weight. A recent report found that potatoes are the nourishment that inhabited feel the most fulfilled. The skin of a potato is brimming with fiber and the starch doesn’t have a huge amount of calories, which means potatoes can be a piece of your eating regimen

  1. Lean meats:

Meat is a brilliant wellspring of protein for building muscle and keeping you full, yet going for greasy cuts and prepared meats isn’t so useful for your waistline or your wellbeing. Rather, select the most slender slices of meat with a specific end goal to keep your dinners at a normal calorie count

 10. Nuts:

A recent report found that individuals who ate an ounce of nuts a day had more elevated amounts of the vibe great hormone serotonin, which can go about as a craving suppressant. Higher serotonin levels may likewise help reduce stretch levels — a major help with regards to the battle against gut fat. For more such weight reducing stratgies must consider this e book as it not only get you to know about weight reducing foods but other excited things that you always ever wanted to know. https://fitbeautysalon.com/product/weight-loss/