The Importance of Feeling Good About Yourself While Losing Weight

Feeling good about yourself, or feeling happy, is precisely that! Just a feeling. Like feeling bad and and feeling unhappy.

And feelings are transitory events. They are like emotions (e-motions), energy in motion. Feelings and emotions shift our energy levels to make stuff happen. “Sad” emotions and feelings help us to change the things in our lives that are stagnating, and “happy” e-motions and feelings help weight loss  us to share the love with the rest of the world and raise its vibration.

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO REMAIN IN AN EMOTION OR FEELING. ie, it is not possible to to be happy with self all the time. By the same token, it is not possible to remain down on the self all the time – although we all know anomalies who spend their lifetime practicing one or the other.

Therefore, why don’t we, as humans, stop trying to obtain happiness? It is not a state of being. It is a feeling in motion. It serves us at certain times in our lives. As does sadness, hatred, downness, etc.

Self esteem is not about happiness. Let me say that again SELF-ESTEEM IS NOT ABOUT BEING HAPPY WITH OURSELVES. Self-esteem is about loving ourselves enough to allow the energies in motion that travel through our lives. Really allow them. Allow them to come. Allow them to go. Play with the results they bring. Change what we have to. Share what we want to. Love ourselves enough to NOT GIVE OURSELVES A HARD TIME ALL THE TIME.By the same token, loving ourselves is NOT ABOUT BEING HAPPY ALL THE TIME.

You don’t have to be the image of perfect to love yourself. Besides which, as I stated earlier, it’s not possible to be perfect (or happy) all the time. Loving ourselves is about unconditionally accepting ourselves.

Why is it that we are prepared to love another person, despite their faults, but not ourselves? Why do we do that. I don’t know either. Let’s commit to stopping that.

Losing weight isn’t about feeling good. Like my wife said feeling good helps with losing weight. Losing weight is about a goal. It’s about determination. It’s about loving yourself enough to allow the changes.

Losing weight isn’t about gaining self-esteem. Losing weight is a by product of loving yourself. NOW.

Esteem is defined as “to regard with respect”.

Respect yourself. Respect your patterns. Respect your emotions. Respect your feelings. Allow them! They are powerful teachers, movers and shakers.

And be kind to yourself.

Decide to raise your self-esteem in this very instant weight loss. Ignore those habit-thoughts of lack of regard for yourself. Consider yourself to be a great learner and teacher in energy. Watch your “negative” feelings and “emotions”. Watch them, feel them, and learn from them. The sooner you let them go, the sooner you can lighten your heart for some “good” emotions and feelings.

And so the cycle will continue. Because you are a master in creation. And creation is guaranteed of one thing. It never remains the same. It is energy in motion.