Tips To Help You Stay In Shape And Lose Weight

Do you think that weight loss and getting in shape requires hours in the gym or a diet that consists of bird food? Although many weight loss programs does require that, one of the real secrets to losing weight is to create daily habits that will help you towards your goal. The big problem with diets is the fact that people start them, lose weight and as soon as they stop the weight keeps piling back on. Dieting only to lose a few pounds for a while is not wise. You need to find a long term solution and something that you can use every single day.

If you want to lose weight the easy way then you simply need to understand one basic idea. Its all about making small changes and making them consistently. What this will allow you to do is to do a number of small things that can add up and make some big changes to your health and your weight. Losing weight is still recommended as the single best thing you can do for your health and the quality of life.

So, how do you do it? How do you make these “easy” changes that will help you lose weight the easy way? Let me offer you 3 ideas that you can do that won;t disrupt your lifestyle while making a big difference on the scales.

1. Cycling to work.
If you are currently commuting on public transport then you can probably cycle to work. Most of the major cities are now very cycle friendly and if you can do a 30 to 45 minute cycle to work 5 days a week it will make a huge difference to your health and your weight loss efforts.

2. Walking.
How many times a day do you take the lift or the escalator? How many times a day do you take a cab or a train or a bus to travel a few blocks? Why not walk it? Taking the stairs is one of the best forms of weight loss exercises there is. Walking instead of taking a crowded bus can do wonders for you and best of all, its proven to be far less stressful than public transport and much cheaper than a cab. By simply opting to walk you can get a lot of exercise in just one week.

3. TV time. 
Does this sound familiar: you come home from work, hungry and tired. You can’t wait to eat and as soon as you work down a big dinner you are even more tired and before you know it you are stretched out in front of the TV where you will be until its bed time. This is a bad habit. If you can dedicate 30 minutes to exercise as soon as you get home then you will not only spare yourself from the need to have a big (and unhealthy) dinner but you will have a lot more energy.