Tips To Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is one thing that cannot be eliminated completely even though one has flat belly and abs. It is perfectly okay and normal because it is only the excess amount that poses problems for many people. Especially belly fat could cause such problems that may not be posed by onther kind of fats.

Types of belly fat

There are two types of fats that are normally dealt by humans. First of them is the fat present under your skin. And the other type of fat is present deep under your skin in pivotal organs such as lungs, heart, liver and many other organs. This fat is also called as visceral fat and if not treated at the right time can pose serious threats to the well being of the human kind.

Belly fat lossThreats posed by belly fat

Not all of this visceral fat is bad for your health as some of them is needed to act as a cushion around the critical organs. But if this fat is not taken care of then it can spread and cause dangerous diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, dementia, heart diseases and even cancer i.e. breast cancer and colon cancer.

As mentioned, it is necessary that you should deal with this fat as early as possible and do not let it spread. This can be done by adapting a certain routine in which you have to take care of your diet, exercise and nutrition.

Belly fat inducers:

In order to treat any disease one must have to reach at the root of the that disease. It is only then you will devise ways to get rid of it or could prevent it. So similarly in case of obesity the agents that play a major role in building this visceral fat around your organs are food items having high quantities of trans fat, sodium and containing saturated fat. The most food items having such characteristics are candy, soda, chips (snacks) and cakes, pies, pastries and cookies. So in order to cut the belly fat these items have to be disposed. These foods normally are rich in calories so as they are consumed, they add excess calories to the body and thus favoring the visceral fat in the body.

Steps needed for beating Belly Fat:

These steps are the key if you want to get rid of that irritating belly fat and while using those steps it is necessary that you do it regularly without missing any step as it will then speed up the weight losing phenomenon. Here are the steps described comprehensively.


Exercises are what can beat up your visceral fats in an effective manner. So having the right type and amount of exercise is what that is needed in such circumstances. If you are planning exercise regime for yourself. It is essential that you must keep it for about 30 minutes every day for 5 days if not. There are 4 major exercises that you have to follow in order to cut off your belly fat.


It is often said that the best method to burn your belly fat is to do a few sets of crunches daily. It is ranked as number one in the list of fat burning exercises


  • First, you have to lie down on a mat having your knees bent and keeping feet on the ground.
  • Place your hands under your head beside your body.
  • Then lift the upper torsos of yours while inhaling deeply
  • And then exhale while bringing the torsos back to the ground.
lose belly fat
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Twist Crunches:

When you have mastered crunches and know how to do them in the best way it is then the need of knowing about twist crunches. It is even more handy in burning the belly fat.


  • It is same as you have done it in the crunches lie down having hands under your head
  • Then lift the upper torso just as in crunches, but in twist crunches one has to lift the right shoulder in the left direction of your body and then the torso, get down, don’t forget about the breathing regime
  • And then repeating the same procedure, but now you have to lift your right shoulder in the right direction and then  bringing the torso back down.

Bicycle Exercise:

This is another effective exercise that is well known for burning your fat.  It is a procedure that you will enjoy doing.


  • First of all lie on the floor, keeping your hands on the side of your skull while laying on in the position of crunches
  • Now lift both of your legs while bending them on your knees
  • After this bring the right knee close to the chest and keep the left leg away
  • After this bring the left knee close to your chest while keeping the right leg away
  • While doing this quickly, it will form a bicycle like motion

Plank Exercise:

This is the most popular exercise that not only cut off the extra fatty tissues around your waist, but also give your abdomen muscles the right amount of strength.

  • Lay down in such a way that your knees and abdomen lies on the ground
  • While laying down make sure that your neck is lined up with your spine
  • While looking forward lift up your knees and  support your body on the toes and on your elbows
  • The position should be such that the abdomen should not be touching the ground
  • Hold this position for about 15-35 seconds

You not only have to repeat this exercises daily, but in your game you should bring some motivation as it can drive you to the road of zero belly fat.