Weight Losing Tips for When the Motivation Goes

Getting started on a weight loss program is not the difficult bit. I’d place a bet that most of you reading this have started many diets, weight loss regimes and fitness programs. The difficult part is keeping going after the first rush of enthusiasm. Here are some weight losing tips that might get you back in the game when your motivation becomes weak.

Even veteran exercisers will admit that they sometimes struggle to get down the gym. For beginners this can be even more challenging. After 6 – 12 weeks most people notice their progress slows or even worse they feel they have made no progress, this is the danger zone where so many give up.

The first thing to recognize is that you may not have noticed the progress you have made. As weight loss happens over a time you won’t necessarily notice the changes. It may also be that you are using the wrong measures. My personal experience was to notice I had gained weight after 3 months of regular gym workouts. Fortunately I mentioned it to one of the trainers who produced a tape measure and showed me I had lost over two inches from my gut and had increased my chest by a similar amount! I may not have lost weight but the weight I had was in much better places.

My Top Weight losing Tips

  1. Don’t focus on weight loss at all. Instead try to record the improvements you have made. Lost waist inches, improved fitness, less wobble
  2. Lock away the scale and only let it out once each month. Your weight naturally fluctuates during a week. Seeing a slight gain will de-motivate you and it is probably not relevant
  3. Don’t start out too hard. It is a common mistake of many exercisers to go flat-out from the start. The result is usually injury or at the least enough aches and pains the next morning to put you off exercise for a while. Start gradually and build up
  4. Never compare yourself to others. By all means have an exercise partner but you are not in competition with them. Weight loss is the ultimate personal challenge.
  5. Don’t give up to soon. The results will come and once you have stabilised it may be success will come very soon.
  6. On days you really don’t feel like exercising get up and at least do the warm up. If you are still feeling not up to it you could always stop but at least you have kept up some momentum, and who knows you may do more than you first thought.
  7. Add variety to your exercise. You are more likely to keep going and the exercise will be more effective.

Most important of all is to keep reminding yourself of your reasons for wanting to weight loss. If you have had a health scare make sure you know that your health depends on your success. If you have an important event coming up put the details or invitation where you will see it. Do whatever it takes to keep your reason at the front of your mind.